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About our company

During the last 10 years or so, Power Parts Pro came up with a lot of great ideas in heavy equipment parts market.

In order to make sure that everybody is satisfied, our range of parts is massive.

We tend to focus on original spares, but it doesn’t mean that there is no room for aftermarket parts or replacement parts.

That is, if they have the same quality. Power Parts Pro has relationships with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. That’s why it takes a short period of time to make a delivery. The focus is on a customer satisfaction. Providing a support, delivering on time, and being flexible are the necessary things in order to succeed. A new branch in Chicago, USA - helps us to deliver American sourced parts directly to a customer faster and cheaper. Moreover, if you ever need it, used equipment parts and remanufactured units are also on our list.

The company is strong in used Caterpillar parts and used Komatsu parts. And warranty from factory is the best thing about it.

The range of used parts is massive, including hydraulic pumps, drive axles, transmission parts, engine parts and complete used or rebuilt diesel engines.

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