Iveco FPT

Heavy machinery IVECO – FPT and CNH aftermarket engines and supply parts.

Power Parts Pro - is official FPT industrial dealer for off-road applications and power generation

We aim to supply parts and engines for the main industry sectors including Industrial, Agricultural, Construction, Marine, Automotive and Power Generation

IVECO – FPT and CNH/ Case engines are used in variety of agricultural equipment including tractors from 72 Hp, combine harvesters, tele handlers and wheel loaders.

With more than 15 million motors created and with a motor yearly generation of more than 400,000 units, FPT/IVECO is perhaps the biggest maker of diesel motors on the planet.

FPT/IVECO produce motors which constantly push forward the limits of productivity and execution.

To consent to China IV enactment, the NEF and Cursor motor families highlight the HIeSCR2. This FPT Industrial's licensed ATS arrangement incorporates a particulate filtration framework on a SCR module and consolidates all key after-treatment components.

This is FPT Industrial’s compact solution, designed for light applications and that also delivers high performance and low operating costs.

Iveco has a scope of mechanical arrangements that address an assortment of clients' issues and various missions. The scope of eco-accommodating Iveco items is tremendous: the organization has chosen to put resources into different innovations, staying alert that there isn't only one answer for a practical vehicle.

Manufacturers that use IVECO FPT engines are CASE, New Holland, Renault, Massey Ferguson, Dieci and more.

Fiat-Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, Dieci, CASE construction equipment is likely to be fitted with FPT IVECO engines also. If You require parts or components, try to find the engine data plate, that would help us to identify the required parts quickly and correctly.

Please find our Iveco FPT engine part books >>

Komatsu WB97R F4GE0454B
  WB93R-5  F4GE0454B *D651
New Holland  LB90B, LB95B,LB110B, LB115B NEF445TA/M3
  LB95.B LB90.B F4GE0454C*D
  LB110.B LB115.B  F4GE0484G*D
New Holland  E215 F4BE0684M
  E145 F4BE0454B*D601
  E165 F4ED484E
  E175 CNH F4ED484E
  E195EL  E195LC CNH F4BE0484D*D608
  E215  E215E  E215LC  E215LCME CNH - F4BE8604B
  E245 CNH F4BE0684
  E265EL  E265LC  E305EL  E305LC CNH 667TA/EEG
  EX135LC Iveco 66kw
  E245 F4BE0684L*D601
AGRO TD5.65 TD5.75 S8000
AGRO TD5.85 TD5.95 TD5.105 TD5.115 F5C
  T4.55 T4.65 T4.75 T4.85 F5C
  T6.120 T6.140 T6.150 T6.155 T6.160 T6.165 T6.175 NEF
  7.170 T7.185 T7.200 T7.210 T7.220 T7.235 T7.250 T7.260 NEF
  T8.275 T8.300 T8.330 T8.360 T8.390 T8.420 FPT Cursor 9
  T9.390 T9.450 T9.505 T9.560 T9.615 T9.670 FPT Cursor 13
  580ST FPT F5BFL413B
  590ST  695ST FPT F5BFL413A
    FPT F5BFL413A
  521G FPT N45
  621G 721G 821G 921G FPT N67
  1021G 1121G FPT Cursor 9
Dozer 1150M FPT F4HFE613F*A002
Dozer 1650M FPT F4HFE6132*A004
Dozer 2050M FPT F4FHE613J*A017
Skidsteer SR210,SR240, SR250, SV250, SV280 FPT F5H (Turbo)
  TR270, TR310, TR320 TV380 FPT F5H (Turbo)
  580T 580ST 590ST 695ST CNH 445TA/ML5
  21E F5CE9454C*A001
  121E F5CE9454G*A001
  221E F5CE9454E*A004
  321E F5CE5454B*A003
  TX170 F4GE9484J*J600
  521F  FPT N45
  621F FPT N67
  521E 445TA/EGE CASE
  721F 821F 921F NEF N67
  1021F 1121F CURSOR 9
Dieci   F4GE0454A-TC
    CNH - 4NA 4.5*
    CNH - 4TC 4.5*
    CNH 4TAA 4.5
    CNH NEF Tier III-F4BE0484F
  Combine Harvester  
    Cursor 8
    Cursor 9
    Cursor 10
    Cursor 13
    Cursor 13TCD
    Cursor 16
    8460 F2B
    8460 F3A
  Iveco Aifo 8361 SI
AG Tractors   8065 SRE10
    8361 SRE10
    8361 SRE11
    8361 SRI10
    8061 SI 10
    8061 SRE 10
    8210 I
    8210 SI
    8361-SI 10
    NEF F4C
    NEF 667TA
    Cursor 9 VGT
    Cursor 13 WGT
    Cursor 13 ST
    TC 456
    TD 456
    WL 456
    WM 456
    WD 456
    675 TA
    VA 456
    VB 456
    NEF F4C
    NEF F4D
IV-0495 7450 7.45E+03
IV-0496 7675 7.68E+03
IV-0497 8035 8.04E+03
IV-0498 8045 8.05E+03
IV-0499 8065 8.07E+03
IV-0500 8141 8.14E+03
IV-0501 7450 7450i10
IV-0502 7450 7450i10
IV-0503 7450 7450i15
IV-0504 7450 7450i16
IV-0505 7450 7450SE00
IV-0506 7450 7450Si10
IV-0507 7450 7450Si10
IV-0508 7450 7450Si15
IV-0509 7450 7450Si16
IV-0510 7450 7450SU00
IV-0511 7450 7450U00
IV-0512 7675 7675i10
IV-0513 7675 7675i10
IV-0514 7675 7675i15
IV-0515 7675 7675SE00
IV-0516 7675 7675Si10
IV-0517 7675 7675Si10
IV-0518 7675 7675Si15
IV-0519 7675 7675SU00
IV-0520 7675 7675U00
IV-0521 8031 8031i05
IV-0522 8031 8031i05
IV-0523 8031 8031i06
IV-0524 8031 8031i40
IV-0525 8035 8035.05
IV-0526 8035 8035.05B
IV-0527 8035 8035.05C
IV-0528 8035 8035.06
IV-0529 8035 8035.25
IV-0530 8035 8035.25R
IV-0531 8035 8035U00
IV-0532 8035 8035U06
IV-0533 8041 8041i05
IV-0534 8041 8041i05
IV-0535 8041 8041i06
IV-0536 8041 8041i40
IV-0537 8041 8041Si25
IV-0538 8041 8041Si25
IV-0539 8045 8045.05.700
IV-0540 8045 8045.05R
IV-0541 8045 8045.06
IV-0542 8045 8045.06R
IV-0543 8045 8045.25
IV-0544 8045 8045.25C
IV-0545 8045 8045.25K
IV-0546 8045 8045.25L.939
IV-0547 8045 8045.25S
IV-0548 8045 8045SE00
IV-0549 8045 8045SRE10
IV-0550 8045 8045SU00
IV-0551 8045 8045U00
IV-0552 8045 8045U06
IV-0553 8051 8051i05
IV-0554 8061 8061.25
IV-0555 8061 8061i05
IV-0556 8061 8061i05
IV-0557 8061 8061i06
IV-0558 8061 8061i25
IV-0559 8061 8061i25
IV-0560 8061 8061i40
IV-0561 8061 8061Si05
IV-0562 8061 8061Si06
IV-0563 8061 8061Si07
IV-0564 8061 8061Si11
IV-0565 8061 8061Si12
IV-0566 8061 8061Si13
IV-0567 8061 8061Si15
IV-0568 8061 8061Si16
IV-0569 8061 8061Si25
IV-0570 8061 8061Si25
IV-0571 8061 8061Si35
IV-0572 8061 8061Si36
IV-0573 8061 8061Si40
IV-0574 8061 8061SRi10
IV-0575 8061 8061SRi25
IV-0576 8061 8061SRi26
IV-0577 8061 8061SRi27
IV-0578 8061 8061SRi40
IV-0579 8061 8061SRi41
IV-0580 8061 8061SRU26
IV-0581 8065 8065.25
IV-0582 8065 8065LE00
IV-0583 8065 8065SE00
IV-0584 8065 8065SRE10
IV-0585 8065 8065SRE25
IV-0586 8065 8065SRU26
IV-0587 8065 8065SU00
IV-0588 8065 8065SU07
IV-0589 8065 8065U00
IV-0590 8065 8065U06
IV-0591 8140 8140SE00
IV-0592 8141 8141.67
IV-0593 8141 8141.67F
IV-0594 8141 8141i07
IV-0595 8141 8141i07
IV-0596 8141 8141i67
IV-0597 8141 8141Si27
IV-0598 8141 8141Si27
IV-0599 8210 8210i03
IV-0600 8210 8210i03
IV-0601 8210 8210Si02
IV-0602 8210 8210Si02
IV-0603 8210 8210Si15
IV-0604 8210 8210SRE10
IV-0605 8210 8210SRE20
IV-0606 8210 8210SRE21
IV-0607 8210 8210SRi10
IV-0608 8210 8210SRi10
IV-0609 8210 8210SRi12
IV-0610 8210 8210SRi25
IV-0611 8210 8210SRi26
IV-0612 8210 8210SRi27
IV-0613 8210 8210SRi28
IV-0614 8210 8210SRi29
IV-0615 8210 8210SRi40
IV-0616 8281 8281I03
IV-0617 8281 8281I03
IV-0618 8281 8281Si10
IV-0619 8281 8281Si10
IV-0620 8281 8281Si15
IV-0621 8281 8281SRE10
IV-0622 8281 8281SRi10
IV-0623 8281 8281SRi10
IV-0624 8281 8281SRi26
IV-0625 8281 8281SRi27
IV-0626 8281 8281SRi40
IV-0627 8291 8291SRi15
IV-0628 8361 8361i00
IV-0629 8361 8361i01
IV-0630 8361 8361i01
IV-0631 8361 8361Si10
IV-0632 8361 8361Si10
IV-0633 8361 8361Si11
IV-0634 8361 8361Si11
IV-0635 8361 8361SRE10
IV-0636 8361 8361SRE11
IV-0637 8361 8361SRI10
IV-0638 8361 8361SRI10
IV-0639 8361 8361SRi11
IV-0640 8361 8361SRI12
IV-0641 8361 8361SRI12
IV-0642 8361 8361SRi13
IV-0643 8361 8361SRi15
IV-0644 8361 8361SRi25
IV-0645 8361 8361SRi26
IV-0646 8361 8361SRi40
IV-0647 8365 8365.26
IV-0648 8460 8460SRE10
IV-0649 8460 8460SRE12
IV-0650 8460 8460SRi10
IV-0651 8460 8460SRi10
IV-0652 8460 8460SRi11
IV-0653 8460 8460SRi11
IV-0654 C10 C10 ENT
IV-0655 C10 C10 ENT C23
IV-0656 C10 C10 ENT D20
IV-0657 C10 C10 ENT E20
IV-0658 C10 C10 ENT X20
IV-0659 C13 C13 ENT
IV-0660 C13 C13 ENT D20
IV-0661 C13 C13 ENT E20
IV-0662 C13 C13 ENT I20
IV-0663 C13 C13 ENT X20
IV-0664 C78 C78 ENT
IV-0665 C78 C78 ENT D20
IV-0666 C78 C78 ENT E20
IV-0667 C78 C78 ENT F40
IV-0668 C78 C78 ENT F41
IV-0669 C87 C87 ENT
IV-0670 C87 C87 ENT X20
IV-0671 C87 C87 TE
IV-0672 F1AE F1AE0481L*A001
IV-0673 F1AE F1AE0481M
IV-0674 F2BE F2BE0686A
IV-0675 F2BE F2BE0686B
IV-0676 F2BE F2BE0686C
IV-0677 F2BE F2BE0686D
IV-0678 F2BE F2BE0687A
IV-0679 F2BE F2BE0687A*B301
IV-0680 F2BE F2BE0687B*B301
IV-0681 F2BE F2BE0687C*B301
IV-0682 F2CE F2CE9687A
IV-0683 F2CE F2CE9687A*E001
IV-0684 F2CE F2CE9687B
IV-0685 F2CE F2CE9687B*E001
IV-0686 F2CE F2CE9687C*E001
IV-0687 F32M F32MNSX00
IV-0688 F32M F32MNSX01
IV-0689 F32M F32MNT X20
IV-0690 F3AE F3AE0684D
IV-0691 F3AE F3AE0684E
IV-0692 F3AE F3AE0684G
IV-0693 F3AE F3AE0684J
IV-0694 F3AE F3AE0684L
IV-0695 F3AE F3AE0684N
IV-0696 F3AE F3AE0684P
IV-0697 F3AE F3AE0687A
IV-0698 F3AE F3AE0687A*B301
IV-0699 F3AE F3AE0687A*B302
IV-0700 F3AE F3AE9687A
IV-0701 F3AE F3AE9687A*E001
IV-0702 F3AE F3AE9687B
IV-0703 F3AE F3AE9687B*E001
IV-0704 F3AE F3AE9687C
IV-0705 F3AE F3AE9687C*E001
IV-0706 F3BE F3BE0686A
IV-0707 F3BE F3BE0686C
IV-0708 F3BE F3BE0687A
IV-0709 F3BE F3BE0687A*B301
IV-0710 F3BE F3BE0687A*B302
IV-0711 F3BE F3BE9687A
IV-0712 F3BE F3BE9687A*E001
IV-0713 F3BE F3BE9687B
IV-0714 F3BE F3BE9687C
IV-0715 F4AE F4AE0484B*D100
IV-0716 F4AE F4AE0484B*D101
IV-0717 F4AE F4AE0484B*D102
IV-0718 F4AE F4AE0484B*D103
IV-0719 F4AE F4AE0484C*D102
IV-0720 F4AE F4AE0484C*D103
IV-0721 F4AE F4AE0684C*D102
IV-0722 F4AE F4AE0684C*D103
IV-0723 F4AE F4AE0684C*D104
IV-0724 F4AE F4AE0684F
IV-0725 F4AE F4AE0684K
IV-0726 F4AE F4AE0684L
IV-0727 F4AE F4AE0684N*D103
IV-0728 F4AE F4AE0684P*D102
IV-0729 F4AE F4AE0686B
IV-0730 F4AE F4AE0687A*B100
IV-0731 F4AE F4AE3481D*P103
IV-0732 F4BE F4BE0454A*D601
IV-0733 F4BE F4BE0454B
IV-0734 F4BE F4BE0484D
IV-0735 F4BE F4BE0484E
IV-0736 F4BE F4BE0484F*D606
IV-0737 F4BE F4BE0684B
IV-0738 F4BE F4BE0684K
IV-0739 F4CE F4CE9684L
IV-0740 F4CE F4CE9684N
IV-0741 F4DE F4DE9684A
IV-0742 F4DE F4DE9684E
IV-0743 F4DE F4DE9684Q
IV-0744 F4DE F4DE9684W
IV-0745 F4DE F4DE9684X
IV-0746 F4DE F4DE9687B
IV-0747 F4GE F4GE0404A*D653
IV-0748 F4GE F4GE0404A*D655
IV-0749 F4GE F4GE0404A*D656
IV-0750 F4GE F4GE0404A*D657
IV-0751 F4GE F4GE0404B*D650
IV-0752 F4GE F4GE0407A*B600
IV-0753 F4GE F4GE0454A*D601
IV-0754 F4GE F4GE0454A*D606
IV-0755 F4GE F4GE0454A*D660
IV-0756 F4GE F4GE0454A*D661
IV-0757 F4GE F4GE0454A*D662
IV-0758 F4GE F4GE0454C
IV-0759 F4GE F4GE0454C*D660
IV-0760 F4GE F4GE0457A*B600
IV-0761 F4GE F4GE0484C*D604
IV-0762 F4GE F4GE0484C*D650
IV-0763 F4GE F4GE0484C*D651
IV-0764 F4GE F4GE0484C*D660
IV-0765 F4GE F4GE0484E
IV-0766 F4GE F4GE0484G
IV-0767 F4GE F4GE0484G*D604
IV-0768 F4GE F4GE0484G*D607
IV-0769 F4GE F4GE0484G*D675
IV-0770 F4GE F4GE0487A*B600
IV-0771 F4GE F4GE0487B*B600
IV-0772 F4GE F4GE0604A*D601
IV-0773 F4GE F4GE0604A*D602
IV-0774 F4GE F4GE0604A*D650
IV-0775 F4GE F4GE0604A*D651
IV-0776 F4GE F4GE0606A
IV-0777 F4GE F4GE0684C*D650
IV-0778 F4GE F4GE0684C*D651
IV-0779 F4GE F4GE0684C*D652
IV-0780 F4GE F4GE0684E*D601
IV-0781 F4GE F4GE0684E*D650
IV-0782 F4GE F4GE0684F
IV-0783 F4GE F4GE0684G*D601
IV-0784 F4GE F4GE0684G*D602
IV-0785 F4GE F4GE0684G*D603
IV-0786 F4GE F4GE0687A*B600
IV-0787 F4GE F4GE0687A*B601
IV-0788 F4GE F4GE9454C
IV-0789 F4GE F4GE9454H
IV-0790 F4GE F4GE9454H*J603
IV-0791 F4GE F4GE9454J
IV-0792 F4GE F4GE9454J
IV-0793 F4GE F4GE9454J*J600
IV-0794 F4GE F4GE9454J*J601
IV-0795 F4GE F4GE9454J*J603
IV-0796 F4GE F4GE9454K*J600
IV-0797 F4GE F4GE9484A
IV-0798 F4GE F4GE9484A*J103
IV-0799 F4GE F4GE9484D
IV-0800 F4GE F4GE9484D*J601
IV-0801 F4GE F4GE9484D*J602
IV-0802 F4GE F4GE9484E
IV-0803 F4GE F4GE9484F
IV-0804 F4GE F4GE9484F*J603
IV-0805 F4GE F4GE9484F*J604
IV-0806 F4GE F4GE9484F*J605
IV-0807 F4GE F4GE9484H
IV-0808 F4GE F4GE9484J
IV-0809 F4GE F4GE9484J*J602
IV-0810 F4GE F4GE9484K
IV-0811 F4GE F4GE9684A
IV-0812 F4GE F4GE9684A*J602
IV-0813 F4GE F4GE9684B
IV-0814 F4GE F4GE9684C
IV-0815 F4GE F4GE9684D
IV-0816 F4GE F4GE9684D*J601
IV-0817 F4GE F4GE9684D*J602
IV-0818 F4GE F4GE9684E
IV-0819 F4GE F4GE9684E*J602
IV-0820 F4GE F4GE9684F
IV-0821 F4GE F4GE9684F*J601
IV-0822 F4GE F4GE9684G
IV-0823 F4GE F4GE9684R
IV-0824 F4HE F4HE0684J
IV-0825 F4HE F4HE9484A
IV-0826 F4HE F4HE9484A*J101
IV-0827 F4HE F4HE9484A*J104
IV-0828 F4HE F4HE9484P
IV-0829 F4HE F4HE9684A
IV-0830 F4HE F4HE9684B
IV-0831 F4HE F4HE9684C
IV-0832 F4HE F4HE9684D
IV-0833 F4HE F4HE9684E
IV-0834 F4HE F4HE9684F
IV-0835 F4HE F4HE9684G
IV-0836 F4HE F4HE9684J
IV-0837 F4HE F4HE9684M
IV-0838 F4HE F4HE9684P
IV-0839 F4HE F4HE9684P*J100
IV-0840 F4HE F4HE9684P*J101
IV-0841 F4HE F4HE9684Q
IV-0842 F4HE F4HE9684T
IV-0843 F4HE F4HE9684U
IV-0844 F4HE F4HE9684V
IV-0845 F4HE F4HE9684W
IV-0846 F4HE F4HE9684W*J101
IV-0847 F5CE F5CE5454B*A004
IV-0848 F5CE F5CE9454E*A006
IV-0849 F5CE F5CE9484E*A001
IV-0850 F5CE F5CE9484G*A001
IV-0851 FVAE FVAE2884A
IV-0852 FVAE FVAE2884A*B200
IV-0853 FVAE FVAE2884A*B201
IV-0854 Indu Industrial
IV-0855 N40 N40 ENT 426
IV-0856 N40 N40 ENT D20
IV-0857 N40 N40 ENT E20
IV-0858 N40 N40 ENT E21
IV-0859 N40 N40 ENT U20
IV-0860 N40 N40 MNT E21
IV-0861 N45 N45 ENT
IV-0862 N45 N45 ENT X20
IV-0863 N45 N45 MNA D00
IV-0864 N45 N45 MNA E00
IV-0865 N45 N45 MNA F40
IV-0866 N45 N45 MNA U00
IV-0867 N45 N45 MNSD00
IV-0868 N45 N45 MNSE00
IV-0869 N45 N45 MNSF40
IV-0870 N45 N45 MNSU00
IV-0871 N45 N45 MNSX02
IV-0872 N45 N45 MNT D20
IV-0873 N45 N45 MNT D22
IV-0874 N45 N45 MNT E20
IV-0875 N45 N45 MNT F40
IV-0876 N45 N45 MNT F41
IV-0877 N45 N45 MNT U20
IV-0878 N45 N45 MNT X20
IV-0879 N45 N45 MNT X21
IV-0880 N45 N45 MSA D00
IV-0881 N45 N45 MSS
IV-0882 N45 N45 MSSA00
IV-0883 N45 N45 MSSD00
IV-0884 N45 N45 MSSE03
IV-0885 N45 N45 MSSX00
IV-0886 N45 N45 MSSX02
IV-0887 N45 N45 MST A20
IV-0888 N45 N45 MST D20
IV-0889 N45 N45 MST D22
IV-0890 N45 N45 MST X20
IV-0891 N45 N45 MST X21
IV-0892 N60 N60 ENT D20
IV-0893 N60 N60 ENT E20
IV-0894 N60 N60 ENT E22