AGRIMOT SDX 15W-40 Engine Oil

Agrimot SDX 15W 40 Engine Oil

Very high performance multigrade oil specifically intended for lubricating naturally

aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines in new generation CLAAS / Renault

agricultural tractors and equipments.




Intended for lubricating CLAAS / Renault agricultural engines, particularly

those of recent technology that satisfy the EUROPE Phase IIIa (2006) pollution

control standard.


Can be used in all tractor diesel engines including those that are not pollution

controlled or that satisfy the Phases I (1999) or II (2003) standard.

Particularly recommended for powerful engines or those used in severe



Can be used in all agricultural Diesel or Gazoline engines, including those that

are naturally aspirated.




Classifications: ACEA E7 / E5 • API CI-4 / SL

Manufacturers approvals:

MB-Approval 228.3

CUMMINS CES 20078 (20077 / 20076) • DEUTZ DQC III-10

Conforms to the specifications: CATERPILLAR ECF-2

Suitable for engines: DEERE • IVECO


Customer benefits


High thermal stability, ensuring excellent lubrication of hot parts of the engine

even in summer.

Excellent oxidation resistance, guaranteeing the life of the engine particularly

in case of longer oil-change intervals.

Good fluidity when cold, for easier starting.

Can be used for lubricating all types of engine, including older models (not

pollution controlled).



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